Since 2013 we have been a proud host of athletes of all ages and ability ranges to compete in the CrossFit Open competition.  Currently, you are all training to perform during this three-week international competition.  This is the benchmark above all other benchmarks for the pure Muncie CrossFit athlete.  It helps answer the questions:

  1.       Where do I stack up against myself from the previous year?  Did I improve?  Any new opportunities for improvement revealed?
  2.       How do I rank amongst my peers throughout the world?  Age, scaled, country, region, state, etc?

This is a test of our fitness.  It is an opportunity to go all out within the level of fitness and ability that you currently have.  Also, you’ll be able to tell your friends you are currently competing in an international fitness competition, which is pretty cool. 

Registration for The Open begins on January 13th and the competition kicks off on February 24th.  If you want to be up to speed, you can sign up for reminders and news from CrossFit here.

We will be completing every 2022 CrossFit Open workout in our classes at The Arsenal during this three-week period.  This is what we have been training you for and you won’t have to go anywhere but here to compete! 

If you are curious what type of workouts will be released, check out what was prescribed in 2021 here.  There is no guarantee that the workouts will be the same.  However, there is usually one repeat from a previous season that serves as an apples-to-apples benchmark for you.  There is also a general flow that helps us predict what to best ready our athletes for heading into competition weeks.

In addition, we have added a ‘friendly’ element of in house competition to the mix.  Coach Eric, Emily and Bre will be forming teams of athletes representing both the Rx and Scaled options for The Open.  These teams will use their collective scores in each workout to measure which team is the fittest in 2022.  If you want to be recruited, give your coach a tap on the shoulder.  Or, be on the lookout for one of our team captains to recruit you!