When you grow to be more than you were, it can be disruptive to others.  Think about it.  That time in the past when you evolved beyond how people once knew you.  Could be since high school.  Could be since your first job. Could be since your last relationship.  There is more to you than the categories that people put you in.  The same holds true for The Arsenal and Muncie CrossFit.  

We have launched arsenalfitness.com as our core site and brand because it has become more reflective of who we are, who we serve and where we are going.  Under this banner we deliver Muncie CrossFit, personal training, sports performance training, weightlifting club/training and nutrition coaching.  The portfolio of offerings will continue to grow and evolve as the needs of our athletes grow and evolve.  

Muncie CrossFit served us well for many years as our core brand.  However, many people associate CrossFit with pain, suffering and injury.  Postioned as a badge of honor that separates you from other people.  Showing that you are tougher and better than others.  At The Arsenal, as one of our athletes, you know that is far from the truth in how we deliver group training.  The focus is on lifetime fitness goals, proper movement while remaining pain and injury free.  This requires being tougher in one core area:  ego management.  It is easy to beat yourself up without thinking about tomorrow or aiming the training at a productive longer term goal.  That is not special.  It is a recipe for injury.  That is not how we operate.  

The Arsenal is here to serve anyone who realizes there is a real gap between knowing and doing.  Knowing how to become more fit is like knowing how to make a million dollars.  The knowledge is cheap.  The real work is in the doing.  Most people stop at knowing and only half ass the doing while piling up excuses for why they are not progressing.  Usually putting the blame on others.  What has changed, as of right now, is that we are here to be YOUR team aimed at optimizing your whole life to accomplish YOUR goals.  

This will show up more and more in our services as we recognize gaps that are holding people back from becoming more effective.  For instance, we have added a nutrition coach for those who realize that their weakness, or gap, is in what they eat and their relationship with food and drink.  Our personal training has evolved to resemble more prehab, or physical therapy, over simplistic workouts.  This has proven to be the recipe to free people from pain and injury to power an active and happy lifestyle.  

If you find yourself struggling to find the time, energy or money to get yourself to the next level please reach out to us.  You deserve to have the energy, strength, money, focus, discipline and body to live your life on your terms.  If you have found that your current habits and routine are not supporting that reality, we can change that with you.  We are even adding life coaches that specialize on the mental, spiritual and emotional blockers that consistently hold athletes back.  You deserve a team working everyday to accelerate you toward your goals.  We are that team, if you invite us in.  

That is the rationale driving arsenalfitness.com.  Nothing lost, only new, better and more relevant offerings to meet the needs of people who are tired of being under served, out of shape, worried, overwhelmed and too tired to make a change.  

If any of this struck a chord with you.  Schedule an assessment with us today.