The Arsenal is a fitness,sport performance, personal training and proactive healthcare organization.  We begin by assessing each individual's needs and goals, not just today but throughout that individual’s lifetime.  Our process aims to optimize meaningful fitness output at each age, ability and stage of a person’s life.  


How do we do this?  

You deserve to feel healthy, energetic, flexible, fast, powerful, durable and ready for wherever your journey leads you in life.  However, people struggle to do the right things consistently to set themselves up for success on a day-to-day basis.  This leads to feeling tired, overwhelmed, sore, weak, frustrated, worried, too busy and guilty that they are not performing to their full potential and fuels the knowledge that they are regularly unprepared to fulfill their purpose in life. Our team at The Arsenal has built a process that delivers the outcomes you deserve above through assessment, custom daily programming, daily routine strategy and, most importantly, qualified coaching to ensure that everything prescribed fits confidently into your life realities.  World class performers at every discipline apply a process akin to what we deliver at The Arsenal.  We are ready to be your team to achieve world class performance in your life.


Here is where we are going...

Since I co-founded The Arsenal in 2013 we have been aimed in one direction: To compete, train hard and produce elite performance in every athlete we serve. 9 years later, that aim is still alive and well.  However, given the amount of experience, and continuing education over that amount of time, we have added to that aim, and evolved how we will accomplish it.  


We are the original Muncie CrossFit affiliate.  We remain proud to continue our tradition of the highest quality CrossFit programming, coaching, group and one-to-one training found anywhere.


Below are our vision and mission statement that drive how we make decisions for The Arsenal:

Vision: A community where the future of health and fitness is lived now.

Mission: To deliver a lifetime of fitness results, curated and delivered by trained professionals to eliminate pain and decrease the likelihood of injury, to every athlete, regardless of age or ability.


How will we know we are on the right track?

We will know we are on the right track when leadership, coaching staff, programming, private and class experience are aimed at the vision and mission described above.  


What will that look like?

  • Leadership will invest in the highest quality coaches, and their continued education

  • Leadership will invest in the facility and the type of equipment that will support intelligent programming

  • Leadership will research, invest in, and constantly scrutinize the programming for our athletes

  • Leadership will focus on valid data to guide decision making for our athletes

  • Coaches will fully commit to their professional development

  • Coaches will study, daily, to be completely prepared to deliver a world-class training experience for athletes

  • Coaches will regularly assess their athletes to ensure they are progressing, without threat of injury or pain, toward the highest quality movement possible

  • Athletes will arrive on time, prepared to listen, communicate and learn at each class or private coaching session

  • Athletes will do their best to adhere to the cues and guidance of their coaches

  • Athletes will proactively communicate when they do not understand something or feel uncomfortable with any movement

  • Athletes will consistently become more mobile, stronger and cardiovascularly fit without pain

  • The facility will be clean, organized and equipped to accommodate the programming for each session

  • Group and individualized programming will be calibrated for the near term, mid term and long term goals of our athletes

  • Group and individualized programming will challenge every athlete, within their proven physical competence, for each movement prescribed

  • Everyone will be engaged, and having fun, achieving our goals together as a team