About the Podcast

Arsenal Owner, and Senior Leadership Consultant, BJ McKay and Arsenal Head Coach, Eric Van Matre break down what sports performance is, and why we should care as parents, coaches, and athletes of all ages. This episode is for anyone looking to increase their training IQ and make informed decisions about the type of training they invest in to get results at all ages. Breakdown: 0-9 min What is Sports Performance? 9:12- Doesn't our athlete get this training from our high school strength coach? 15:12 - What are the top 3 things sport coaches neglect when it comes to an athlete's ability to perform at their best? 20:57 - What are Coach Eric's 3 resources he relies on most when it comes to training his athletes? 32:02 - What benefits come from getting a 1:1 trainer for my athletes? 37:57 - What about non-traditional athletes, like working adults who still want to compete and train in their sport of choice? How is sports performance training different for them? 48:42 - What type of training should a 40-50 year old athlete avoid? 56:42 - What are the most common injuries for a 40-50 year old athlete? Can sports performance training prevent these? 1:06:17 - Talk about how the training we've discussed influences a person's life and health span. 1:10:57 - Who are the best resources for learning more about training advanced age athletes? For more information about sports performance, longevity training, nutrition, and personal training reach Coach Eric at arsenalfitness.com. For more information about fitness and wellness programming and leadership development for your business reach Coach BJ at advisausa.com/leadership-talks