Training will focus on developing excellent athletic abilities, developing an athlete’s weaknesses, as well as help better harness their current strengths.  Every athlete will leave with the ability to run faster, jump higher, and develop body awareness and joint strength to decrease risk of injury.  The Arsenal Sports Performance staff is highly trained bringing training that is Specific, Intelligent, and Engaged with the athlete.


Class Schedule:

  • Monday - Friday: 4-5:15pm, 5:30-6:45pm

  • Saturday: 10-11:15am


Who is this for?:

  • ~ Both Male + Female athlete’s 9 years and older

    • ~9 y/o and younger safe to train in a private setting with a qualified professional.


Why invest in Sports Performance for your athlete?:

  • Decrease risk of injury and increase athlete durability in their sport of play

  • Develop well-rounded proprioceptive awareness (body awareness) through a variety of training tools.

  • Increase Power and Force production through safe and scientifically backed training.

  • Educate on proper exercise technique and range of motion to ALWAYS train safe and effectively.

  • Athletics become bigger, faster, and stronger at each progressive level. We prepare your athlete for this.

  • Speed up recovery of small injuries/sprains (particularly in-season) for faster return to sport/play.

  • Educate athletes on self-management of small strains and injuries to return to play faster.

  • Develop a better, more functional and more responsible human-being.


How is this accomplished?:


  • Each athlete is individually assessed highlighting imbalances throughout the body, determining risk of injury in sport, and what needs to be developed to increase performance.

  • Safely teach technique/foundational skills through dumbbells, kettlebells, and bodyweight exercises.

  • “Earn the Way” to barbell movements and “heavy lifting” through standardized progressions designed to establish a strong foundation of strength through a FULL RANGE OF MOTION SAFELY.

  • Practice and “Explore” a wide variety of positions athletes may end up on the field or court to develop well-rounded body control and power from these positions.

    • Focus in 3 broad categories (but not limited to) Linear/Sprint Speed + Mechanics, Multi-Change Of Direction, and Plyometrics