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personal training

What is personal training? 

Personal training at The Arsenal Fitness is a 60 minute session, one on one with a coach. This 60 minutes consists of a customized training program tailored specifically to your wants and needs. Personal training provides a fast track to results. 

Who is this personal training for? 

Personal training is for athlete members with specific training needs that cannot be met in a class setting, those who are battling an injury, those with a busy schedule, those who need increased accountability or are on a tight deadline to see results. 

Why invest in this? 

 Personal training is the single most effective way to increase your fitness. A coach will be by your side to provide accountability and knowledge at each step of your journey. Personal training at The Arsenal Fitness has proven to enhance the fitness of countless member athletes. 

What is the process? 

      1. Assessment + Goal Setting
        1. Use the link HERE to set up an assessment time with a coach. 
      2. Building meaningful milestones
      3. Onboarding + Accountability
      4. Targeted training + Development