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nutrition coaching

Nutrition Coaching


What is Nutrition Coaching at The Arsenal Fitness? 

Our Nutrition Coaching is designed to help keep each person accountable to growing themselves physically and mentally! At its core nutrition coaching will help you understand food, recovery, balance, moderation, and most importantly, yourself. Our coaches have the education and experience to help you understand and improve your diet and lifestyle! 

Who is Nutrition Coaching for? 

Simply put, Nutrition Coaching can benefit anyone! Whether you’re an individual with a metabolic issue, a newbie into the world of nutrition that needs some basic education, or an experienced athlete that needs more advanced advice, we are your team! Everyone is different and has different goals, so we have the training to help you with whatever you need! 

Why invest in Nutrition Coaching? 

Investing in your health is cool. Investing in your health allows you to focus on the things that matter most to you, whatever that may be. A new PR in the gym, playing with your grandkids when you’re older, fighting genetics that nobody in your family has been able to battle yet. Everyone has a why, and whether you need help figuring it out and/or taking the steps to get to your goal, we are here to help every step of the way! 

What do you get when signing up for Nutrition Coaching? 

  • A table of excellence  
    • This is used to track calories, water intake, sleep, stress levels, feeling of the day, and physical activity. 
  • Bi-monthly in person or zoom check-ins with your coach 
  • Access to a private facebook page  
    • Here we post recipes and nutrition information 


What is the process? 

  1. Assessment + Goal Setting
    1. Use the link HERE to set up an assessment time with a coach. 
  2. Building meaningful milestones
  3. Onboarding + Accountability
  4. Targeted Coaching + Development