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sports performance training

What is Arsenal Sports Performance? 

Our Sports Performance program is aimed at developing an athlete’s potential through cutting edge, science-based training. We do this through three different core offerings. 

All offering are designed to improve coordination, increase durability for better joint tissue tolerance, and increase strength and power for optimal performance.  No matter the method all athletes begin with bodyweight, dumbbell, or kettlebell movements and must “graduate” before progressing to a barbell.  Once athletes pass our range of motion standards, followed by strength standards at each level, they progress to the next.  Priority is placed on proper technique, allowing an athlete to explore their coordination while making them “earn the right” to put heavy weight in their hands.

Why invest in this program? 

Sports are always evolving.  We know it’s a bigger, stronger, faster “game” every level you advance to.  That’s where performance training is a must to ensure you’re prepared for those next levels of performance

Increasing performance in most sports requires an athlete’s ability to produce optimal force and power throughout the duration of their event.  Power is the combination of speed and strength.  Repeatedly expressing power over the course of competition is important because those who do so at the end of the game often come out on top. As an athlete continues through their athletic career, they will face bigger, faster, and tougher challenges requiring them to produce power/force to a higher degree over longer time periods.  Prepare for your best chance of success by getting ahead of the competition at The Arsenal Sports Performance.

Who is this program for? 

All athletes (ages ~10+) who want to gain confidence, durability, and develop a competitive edge by optimizing their abilities and performance on the field or court.  We offer training progressions and regressions for all levels, as well as modifications for off-season vs. in-season training for all athletes.

What are our 3 offerings? 

  1. 1 on 1 Sport Specific Personal Training 
  2. Semi-Private Small Group Training (4-8 athletes per group) 
  3. Sports Performance Class
  • Group Warm Up + Speed/Agility Skills Training
  • Foundation strength programming progressed over time to individualized programming.

Summer Hours (June/July):

  • M-F:  10a-12p + 4-6p
  • Sat:  9-11a

Hours During School Year

  • M-F: 3:30-7:30p
  • Sat: 9-11a 

What is the process? 

  1. Initial Well-Rounded Physical and Mental Assessment with Goal Setting
    1. Use the link HERE to set up an assessment time with a coach. 
  2. Building meaningful milestones (discussing what in-season training looks like)
  3. Onboarding + Accountability
  4. Targeted training + Developmen