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individualized programming design

What is Individual Design Programming?

Individual Design is our program designed specifically to your individual needs and goals with programming and direction from one of our highly skilled professional coaches. This allows you to come on your own time between 4am and 11pm to complete the assigned programming from your coach. 

Who is Individual Design Programming for? 

Individual Design is designed for those with specific goals or those training for a specific competition/sporting event.  This is for those who are very intrinsically motivated, self-disciplined and looking for specific guidance towards the goals they are pursuing. The most successful individuals make sure they get to the gym more days per week than not, and put in quality work during that time they are there.

Why invest in Individual Design Programming? 

Our highly skilled and educated coaches help map out a blueprint through programming aimed at your goals, along with guidance available to you when required.  This program pairs great with 1 to 4 personal training sessions each month to help ensure accountability is kept intact, any issues or questions can be easily addressed, and it allows you to progress at the rate you’re willing to invest time and energy into.  

What do you get when signing up for Individual Design Programming?

  • Personalized Programming delivered in our Arsenal Fitness App
    • All programming data is tracked and recorded to see progress 
  • Daily access to our world class facility at The Arsenal Fitness
  • Access to your own personal coach for questions about programming 
  • Bi-Monthly in person or zoom check-ins with your coach

What is the process? 

  1. Assessment + Goal Setting
    1. Use the link HERE to set up an assessment time with a coach. 
  2. Building meaningful milestones
  3. Onboarding + Accountability
  4. Targeted training + Development