210 East Centennial Ave., Muncie, IN 47303

About the Arsenal



The Arsenal is a performance fitness facility. It is the home of Muncie CrossFit which was co-founded by me, BJ McKay, and John Hill in June of 2013 in beautiful downtown Muncie, Indiana. Muncie CrossFit is the original CrossFit affiliate for the great City of Muncie. As a former college track athlete and NCAA Division I track and field coach, I learned the fundamentals of training for performance in both sport and life. I was immersed in camaraderie with my teams on the track, in the weightroom, at practice and in the classroom. At the time, I didn’t realize how important it was to be on a real team.  After I left the NCAA for the business world, I realized that I was no longer on an athletic team.  There were no more built in milestones like championships or games against rival schools. That is the soul of Muncie CrossFit. It was the best format for the type of training I experienced as a track athlete in college.  It was a team of athletes working to perform in every training session for both now and the future versions of themselves. Even better was that it was approachable for anyone who wanted to train. 

Since that time, we continue to deliver world class coaching, programming, and accountability to the 100,000 plus citizens of Delaware County.  Our staff coaches over 200 member athletes per month.

It would be difficult to measure the amount of weight lost, weight lifted, personal records shattered, and accountability relationships developed through the countless hours of training that have been put in by our athletes. When you train with us, you will find yourself shoulder to shoulder with leaders who work and live in Muncie. 

Our purpose is to create a world where being fit is normal. This is already true within the walls of The Arsenal. It is a place where we partner with each athlete to forge the best versions of themselves through assessment, intentional programming, group accountability, and effective coaching.  


Merriam-Webster defines arsenal as: an establishment for the manufacture and storage of arms and military equipment.  This holds true for us. Our athletes are at war with a culture that makes being fit in mind, body, and spirit difficult to say the least. We are a place where each athlete can manufacture the confidence, aerobic capacity, physical strength, agility, speed, recovery, relationships, mentoring and mental toughness to compete and win in the game of life. In life, there are no days off. We are your team. We are your arsenal.

How do we do it?

Our proven 4 step process:

  1. Assessment + Goal Setting
  2. Onboarding + Accountability
  3. Targeted training + Development
  4. Celebrating Meaningful Milestones

How can we help with your fitness journey?