210 East Centennial Ave., Muncie, IN 47303

The Arsenal Banquet (we’re so fancy) is scheduled for Saturday January 29th.  This is a chance for us to celebrate, as a team, the journey we have been on over the past year together.  Register here

What should I expect?

The catering by Staci Anderson is top notch.  We’ll have music and we present a few awards.  There are typically a few board games out.  Nothing too formal. Be prepared to laugh, and maybe this year we will dance.  That would be a first.

Also, you may have already heard that Adam James will be taking a 6 month leave to focus on finishing medic school.  This stage of his education will require a great deal more time, on top of his work at the fire department.  The whole team is excited for Adam and supports his decision to focus on this opportunity.  You will still see him in and around the gym during this stretch.  However, he will not be formally coaching during that time.  He has been with us since the inception of The Arsenal and is a big reason we are who we are.  We will take time together during our banquet to celebrate all Adam has done.


Where? The Arsenal\

Time? 6 PM to 9 PM\

Dress?   Casual

What should I bring?  If you have a drink of choice feel free to bring with you.  We’ll have a few ice tubs set up to put it in

Who should attend? All athletes of The Arsenal are welcome plus one guest.

What to do I need to do now? You need to register yourself, and your guest, via this Eventbrite link to ensure we have the right amount of food:

Register here

Looking forward to seeing you all on the 29th!