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Muncie CrossFit intramural open

The CrossFit Open starts on February 29th! Similar to last year we will have our Friday Night Lights every Friday through the Open. We will also be holding our Intramural Open for everyone to participate and here is all you need to know! 

What is an Intramural Open? 

This is a team competition within our walls at Muncie CrossFit to create a deeper level of community and entice some friendly competition. The Intramural Open will last for 3 weeks starting on February 29th. There will be 1 workout per week that will be done during our class time OR during Friday Night Lights (which starts at 4pm). 

Should I sign-up? 

  • This year we have decided to include everyone who is a CrossFit athlete of ours! All of you will be put on a team with team captains being Veronika, Emily, and Eric. 
  • You still would need to sign up on CrossFit’s website to gain your team points! 

What if I can’t come on Friday night? 

  • No worries! We will be doing the Open workout during ALL classes on Fridays. If you can’t complete the workout Friday you just have to complete the workout before Monday. You can coordinate with your Team Captain on how to complete the workout. 

What if I can’t Rx the workouts? 

  • Teams will earn points for Rx AND Scaled workouts. With the addition of not all points are related to just the workouts. 

But, I’m too old to compete….

  • There are also different age divisions that you can compete at, meaning workouts are still doable for all but still will challenge you. 

How does the Intramural format work? 

  • Each team will have a coach as their captain to help guide them through the open workouts. The team captain will also be tasked to send out information to their teams throughout the open. Team Captains will be coaches Veronika, Emily, and Eric. 

How does Friday Night Lights work? 

  • For Friday Night Lights doors will open 3:15pm with the warm up starting at 3:30pm. We will have a coach leading a warm up 30min before each heat time. 
  • The first heat will start at 4pm and heats will continue in 30min increments until 6pm (this has potential to change based on what the workout is). The number of athletes per heat will be 5 (this also has potential to change based on the workout).
  • Each athlete will have a judge during Friday Night Lights, we will be looking for people to help us judge during this time. A sign up sheet for heats will be sent out the week of The Open. 
  • We ask that if you participate in Friday Night Lights as an athlete that you judge the heat before or after your workout. 

How does the scoring system work? 

  • 5 points for each week if you attend 3 or more classes per week. 
  • 2 points for posting on Social Media and tagging The Arsenal Fitness (with a limit of 3x per week for points) 
  • 1 point for wearing team colors each week on Friday (1 point per week) 
  • 10 points for signing up on CrossFit website
  • 5 points for logging your score each week on the CrossFit website
  • Points for top M&F Rx and Scaled athletes each week (3 pts for 1st, 2 pts for 2nd, 1 pt for 3rd in each Rx and Scaled divisions). 
  •  5 points for taking the judges course 
  • 10 points for signing up or continuing skill sessions with a coach 
  • 10 points for signing up or continuing nutrition coaching
  • 3 points for bringing a friend to Community Week. 
  • 10 points if your friends signs up for a month of CrossFit. 

We will have a winner each week for the top athletes. The team with the most points at the end of the 3rd week will win! 

What do I get if our team wins? 

  • This is TBD but we promise you will like it!

Do I have to sign up on the CrossFit Games website to participate? 

  • No. But it will gain your team points if you do and CF will track your progress from year to year! 

Still not convinced? Check out this article from CrossFit. 

Okay I’m in, when do I need to sign up and how? 

  • Go to games.crossfit.com to sign up! 
  • Again, all CrossFit athletes are on a team! Your name is listed on a board at the gym under your Team Captain.
  • Your Team Captain will be a source of information for you when it comes to anything you need help with for The Open!