210 East Centennial Ave., Muncie, IN 47303

Outlive the Ordinary: Join our Exercise Longevity Class Today!!


Who is the class for?

  • Anyone aged 50+ who is looking to start or continue their health journey of not just living longer but living longer with great health.

What is the class?

  • 60 minute functional fitness class that is aimed at improving the strength, balance, flexibility, mobility, and cardiovascular capacity of those aged 50+. Thus improving their quality of living. 
  • The coach of this class will take into account your injury and medical history in order to create an effective plan to help you reach your goals. 
  • No exercise experience is required. 


Example Class Flow

  • Warm-up: to prepare the body for the specific exercises of the day
  • Balance : exercises designed to reduce fall risk
  • Strength: full body functional movements to improve your quality of life
  • Conditioning: to improve cardiovascular health and endurance
  • Cool-down: to improve mobility and flexibility



  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10:45am. 



  • The Arsenal Fitness
  • 210 E Centennial Ave


Why is this class important? 

  • This class is meant to increase the fitness and independence of older adults. As we age by nature we will start to lose our physical function, however, if we continue to train we can slow this process down. 
  • The class will give older adults the ability to pick up their grandkids, play with grandkids, continue to perform daily activities of living alone, and further prevent assisted living. 



  • If you show up at least 2 times per week you will see considerable changes in your physical health.



  • $144 for 12 classes or $240 for 24 classes
  • The first 2 classes are free.